Fellowship 2017

2017 PNSB Fellows

Anastacio, Joseph Ministry of Education
Udui, Morisang Ministry of Education
Ambai, Malarie Moylan’s Insurance
Bai, David Environmental Quality Protection Board
Giramur, Kaylee Palau International Coral Reef Center
Isaac, Yubee Palau International Coral Reef Center
Melissa Ngiralmau Office of Public Auditor
Mechol, Dilrae Office of Public Auditor
Joanna Kumaichi Office of the Attorney General
Pedro, Imee Ministry of Health
Andrew, Felicia Ministry of Health
 Mutok, McMichael Bureau of Cultural & Historical Preservation
Saunders, Summer R. Bureau of Cultural & Historical Preservation
Smau, Malorie Ministry of Finance
Hideyos, Elchung Ebiil Society
Mason, Catherine A. Belau Tourism Association
Solomon, Kaya Palau Public Utilities Corporation
Gerald, Geena Belau National Museum
Fritz, Lalani Community Guidance Center
Yano, Chloe Y. Sam’s Tours
Meriang, Dillon Palau Conservation Society

Radio Show (June 26, 2017)


The third group of fellows attended the weekly talk show on June 26. Below is a recording:

Radio Show ( June 19, 2017)


The second group of interns made up of Felicia Andrew, Imee Pedro, and McMichael Mutok went on T8AA radio. Below is recording:

Radio Show ( June 12, 2017)


On June 12, 2017, four interns participated at a talk show. The interns, from left to right, are Kaylee Giramur, Joseph Anastacio, Malarie Ambai, and David Bai.  Below is a recording: