Passport Info.

Passport Information

RPPL NO. 7-3


Section 1209.  Manually-read Republic of Palau passports:  expiration.  There shall be a transition period expiring December 31, 2006, during which time Republic of Palau passports incapable of being machine-read shall remain valid.  Prior to December 31, 2006, all persons bearing Republic of Palau passports which cannot be machine-read, shall submit their passports to the Ministry of State in order to obtain machine-readable Republic of Palau passports.  Starting on January 1, 2007, only machine-readable Republic of Palau passports shall be valid, and all others shall be invalid for all purposes.


Section 7Effective date.  This Act shall take effect upon its approval by the President of the Republic of Palau or upon its becoming law without such approval.

PASSED: February 10, 2005

Approved this 11th day of February, 2005

Tommy E. Remengesau Jr.