About Us

MISSION: Palau National Scholarship Board manages and administers government scholarships and seeks additional sources of scholarship opportunities for Palauan citizens pursuing post-secondary education so that they may complete their education and return to Palau to become contributing members of our society.

The Palau National Scholarship Board is established by 22 PNC to provide scholarships to Palauan citizens pursuing higher education in colleges and universities taking into consideration the national objectives and priorities of the Republic of Palau.

The Board is composed of seven members that are selected according to the constitutionally prescribed executive appointment/legislative consent process. The members serve four year terms and are responsible for interpreting public laws and policies regarding national scholarships, receiving applications for educational and training financial assistance, and determining which applicants are awarded financial assistance.

The Palau National Scholarship Board is located in downtown Koror (right across the Ministry of Education building). The office is open from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm on Monday-Friday except on national holidays.

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